As you may or may not know, the Vulcan Hotel in Adamsdown is under threat from the new St Davids 2 development. I have only been inside once but it is my kind of place – the sort of pub where you can enjoy a pint of real ale and not a chrome topped surface in sight.

The Vulcan is, to steal a  comment directly from the Beer in the Evening website:

A little Victorian gem,spit and (literally) sawdust and full of character. Tiled exterior and bare wood floor with many pictures and artefacts of the city’s past adorning the walls.Well kept Brains beers a retro juke box and an excellent, friendly landlady. You’ve seen”life on mars”, this is the pub on mars!!. Seemingly frozen in time, a rare and wonderful place.One of the few pubs in the city that haven’t had the soul “renovated” out of them. Soon to be demolisheed in the name of:- err- progress. Enjoy it before it is too late.

Tonight there was a well attended public meeting at the ATRiuM across the road where the team behind the campaign brought the supporters up to date with its progress. I didn’t make notes but the key message is that the developers need to be made aware of just how important it is to stop Cardiff from becoming another bland and indistinguishable city centre.

I personally cannot see why anyone would not think that this historic building is an asset – surely a little bit of historical Cardiff can only be good for the tourism the St Davids 2 developers hope to attract?

Anyway other people have far more interesting and insightful things to say on the matter than me so here are some links:

Contacts – where to direct your complaints!

St Davids 2

Prince Charles – This was suggested at the meeting and is a brilliant idea – the Prince is a well known supporter of this kind of thing. This is, after all, the erosion of the history of the capital city of which he is the Prince.

Cadw– apparently the Vulcan is not old/interesting enough to be classed as a listed building. Lets change their minds!

Support/People/Info etc

Save the Vulcan – the official blog

Save the Vulcan on Facebook

Short interview with Graham Craig, one of the team behind the campaign

Jenny Randerson – AM for Cardiff Central

Jenny Willott MP for Cardiff Central 

Adamsdown Liberal Democrat Focus Team – the blog for Adamsdown councillors Nigel Howells and John Dixon

The Institute of Welsh Affairs

These are all off the top of my head – if you think something is missing –

And finally – here is a short news report from WalesOnline’s Gavin O’Conner: