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I have posted most of these photos to Flickr – here.


The press release I wrote has now been posted on The Sprout which is all good.

The Sprout is a great opportunity for people under 25 to get some experience writing for publication whilst having the freedom to be as creative as they wish. Go and see.


Came across this on a wall near St German’s Church. Had to smile…

Tonight, after a tip off, we attended the emergency meeting for Adamsdown residents concerning the new one way system in Clifton Street and did some filming.

Those who thought we were there on behalf of the council opened up when they realised we weren’t; those who thought we were from the BBC were less interested when they found out we were students. It is obviously an issue people feel very passionately about and we were able to organise a few interviews. Although as a reporter you are supposed to remain objective (to a point), hearing about the traders who have lost money, some of whom have not taken a wage since before Christmas, it is hard not to take sides.

If by a miracle any residents read this and want to comment please get in touch.

On a different note the project now has its own Twitter account -hopfully everyone will use it – I like the idea of using it to live blog the launch night (March 3rd, 7pm ATRiuM).

PRESS RELEASE    24 February 2009 is out there!


An exciting new community website for people living in Adamsdown, Cardiff is being launched by Glamorgan University students based at the ATRiuM. will feature daily news, documentaries and dramas throughout March 2009. It will also provide a space for local people to showcase their talents and have their say on what’s happening in the area.


The community will be encouraged to submit anything they like to the website and to work in partnership with students, taking advantage of the ATRiuM’s state of the art facilities to produce radio broadcasts and short films.


Diana Brand, Head of Division for Broadcasting and Journalism at the
Atrium, said: “This project is an exciting opportunity for our students
to get to know the area really well whilst providing a service to the


“We hope that lots of people who live in Adamsdown will
contact us with pictures and stories about themselves and the things
that are going on around them.”


The team, a combination of radio and journalism students, are already working closely with the Adamsdown Communities First Project and Adamsdown Primary School. They are hoping to build lasting relationships between the university and the local community.


While the project will be initially run throughout March, it is hoped to be passed on to new students each year.


Bethan Gamble, community development worker for the Adamsdown Communities First Project said: “We are very excited about this new project and partnership with the Atrium and its students.


“We hope the website will be a great resource for the community and are looking forward to being involved.”


Amongst the material already produced includes Adamsdown at War, a WW2 drama based on the log books of Metal Street School; a short film about Adamsdown’s new sensory room and news coverage of the Save the Vulcan campaign.


Notes to Editors


Photo opportunity: Tuesday 3 March at 7pm – launch night at The ATRiuM, Adam Street, Cardiff. You are invited to send a reporter to the launch. Members of the team are also available for media interviews about the website.


The ATRiuM is the home of the Cardiff School of Creative Industries and is part of the University of Glamorgan.


The ATRiuM boasts states-of-the-art facilities for audio and video production and editing, graphic design, studio recording and more.



Contact: Chris Latham


Tel – 01443 668557

Email –



While chatting to the Communities First team, it was suggested to try and get Beatbox Fozzy to come and perform/speak at one of the Youth Hub sessions run at St German’s church hall, where kids get to DJ and beat-box etc.

I was lucky enough to see him live while doing some work for The Sprout and he is excellent – sort of like a young Welsh Michael Winslow – sort of… (Police Academy 8?? :s)

I couldn’t find anything very recent but check him out on Radio 1:

I have taken down the Twitter feed as I don’t up-date much and for the last few days it hasn’t worked anyway. I am still on there as ChrisGlamorgan but mainly read others peoples Tweets – I don’t even like txting so have found it quite boring. There is something compelling about officially having Downing Street ‘following’ you though.


Copyright - Adamsdown Communities First Project

Went to the Adamsdown Community First centre today to pick up some photos of their excellent community garden. It’s a great project and the garden looks brilliant so I am going to try and put their photos together in a chronological slide show ready for the launch of

While I was there I was lucky to bump into Kabede Napthali from the Haile Selassie 1 Peace Foundation. They are using the centre as their new head quarters and are really involved in youth out-reach work. Kabede is really keen to get involved with the ATRiuM so hopefully we will be able to work together soon.

More about Haile Selassie 1 here.


Cardiff artist Michael Bosanko and his light graffiti have popped up in the national press quite a bit over the last few days so I have emailed him to see if he has done any work in Adamsdown and about the possibility of doing an interview.

A reply from Mr Steele!

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I’m going to stop playing now as I’m sure I have better things to do but it is horribly addictive.