Tonight, after a tip off, we attended the emergency meeting for Adamsdown residents concerning the new one way system in Clifton Street and did some filming.

Those who thought we were there on behalf of the council opened up when they realised we weren’t; those who thought we were from the BBC were less interested when they found out we were students. It is obviously an issue people feel very passionately about and we were able to organise a few interviews. Although as a reporter you are supposed to remain objective (to a point), hearing about the traders who have lost money, some of whom have not taken a wage since before Christmas, it is hard not to take sides.

If by a miracle any residents read this and want to comment please get in touch.

On a different note the project now has its own Twitter account -hopfully everyone will use it – I like the idea of using it to live blog the launch night (March 3rd, 7pm ATRiuM).