Last nights launch went off well with great music  and MCing from the Adamsdown Youth Hub and Cardiff band Boris. You can see bits and pieces on the site and more will be added shortly.

A last minute realisation made us pull down a short film about the Clifton Street one-way system. Although we had included a balanced view of the story in the text we had left balance out of the film. On watching it again we decided it wasn’t a fair piece and it would be terrible journalism to allow it to stay up there (sorry to any council members who have already seen it). It was a good example though of the real decisions and checks that journalists should constantly be making on their work and in the long run it was probably a good exercise from which we learnt a lot.

After speaking with the council again (it should be said that I have spoken to them about this on a number of occasions and they have been very helpful) and armed with an official statement we set out to try and record fresh material and have the piece ready for 7pm launch: that was when the rain started. After trying to juggle doing a piece to camera, holding up cue cards and keeping the camera dry while soaking wet, we gave it up as a bad job and will have to do it again meaning our story which was the lead was decidedly duller.

On the plus side we have made it to the pages of BBC’s South East Wales section. I’m particularly pleased as apart from a few minor changes they have just used my press release almost word for word. Does this mean I can claim to have had a story published on the BBC?