Read posts from today here. It didn’t go brilliantly and I can’t stop thinking about things that need to be changed ASAP BUT I have to pick up a camera and interview someone in the morning first thing and ideally need to film more of Clifton Street so starting to panic.

Of course I am going by the notion that the camera will actually be returned on time – I booked two just in case, one for this afternoon which wasn’t returned and one for the morning which probably won’t be returned. There were almost tears today in the Media Loans room – not mine – about the camera situation.

It is ridiculous that the late fee for a fire wire of which there are loads is the same as a video camera of which there aren’t. We have a £12 fine to pay in theory for returning a fire wire late, even though it was over the weekend and Media Loans Dept was closed and no one could have taken it out anyway. I know this is our fault but when you factor in day after day of turning up for booked cameras and not getting them it is incredibly annoying. 

Also, why do they cancel your booking after an hour if the person who has the equipment before you returns it late, surely once it IS returned it should be yours for the rest of your allotted time? I cant work the logic there at all -if I have a camera booked for 48 hours and a student returns it an hour late I would still get 47 to film but the current system means someone could make a last minute booking and get the camera over me…