Apparently the most searched topic that has led people to this blog is ‘Clifton Street 1 Way’ so in the interest of getting traffic to this site I will be mentioning Clifton Street 1 Way as much as is Clifton Street 1 Wayingly possible. Clifton Street 1 Way. I would love at this point to link to the Clifton Street story on but it is temporarily down while we sort out a few technical issues…

I do have good reason to talk about the Clifton Street one-way system though as I got chatting to a cameraman from The Ferret last night at a fund raising evening of poetry, literature and music at the Vulcan. Adamsdown seems set to feature quite a bit on the TV in the next few weeks as The Ferret are to cover both the Clifton Street 1 way system story and the campaign to save the Vulcan, and I think the Vulcan story is being picked up by various other ITV current affairs programs which is all well and good.


sdc10523It was great to chat to ITV but their presence meant that what little room was available in the tiny back room of the Vulcan to watch the event was limited and I was forced to watch over peoples shoulders from the corridor. It didn’t bode well for the slide show I was supposedly trying to take enough photos to make, as I got about two: one of the performance by Heather Jones and one of Des Barry, who I have never heard of before but is a really nice bloke and from the little I managed to hear of him reading his work is a great writer too.





Hopefully a bit of Photoshpping will give me something usable, although it wasn’t until I uploaded the photos from my camera for this post I realised how bad they were! (Nothing I can do will make this bit of text move up…..)