One of the most difficult things I have found during this course is the ‘vox pop’. The act of approaching a random stranger on the street and asking them their opinion on a given topic, bad enough when you are making notes on a piece of paper and ten times worse when you want to poke a camera in their face.

I think the main reason I dislike this, apart from being incredibly shy in some respects, is the fact I hate being stopped in the street myself. Charity workers, Big Issue sellers, No Win No Fee vultures and journalists; I avoid them all when I can.

Today we were trying to get peoples opinions about the new plans for the Cardiff Royal Infirmary and luckily I was helping out Jo who doesn’t suffer from crippling embarrassment when approaching total strangers. She was filming while I was supposed to be asking the questions and to be fair I did have a go at accosting people outside the CRI front entrance but to no avail. Sunday was probably not the best time as it was very quiet.

We did speak to some residents who are all for the changes and the rejuvenation they will bring and a couple of the staff who, although they couldn’t show us around or speak on record, told us about the rich history of the building and the many ghosts that stalk the corridors.

I got nice photos of various things which I will put up soon.