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Read posts from today here. It didn’t go brilliantly and I can’t stop thinking about things that need to be changed ASAP BUT I have to pick up a camera and interview someone in the morning first thing and ideally need to film more of Clifton Street so starting to panic.

Of course I am going by the notion that the camera will actually be returned on time – I booked two just in case, one for this afternoon which wasn’t returned and one for the morning which probably won’t be returned. There were almost tears today in the Media Loans room – not mine – about the camera situation.

It is ridiculous that the late fee for a fire wire of which there are loads is the same as a video camera of which there aren’t. We have a £12 fine to pay in theory for returning a fire wire late, even though it was over the weekend and Media Loans Dept was closed and no one could have taken it out anyway. I know this is our fault but when you factor in day after day of turning up for booked cameras and not getting them it is incredibly annoying. 

Also, why do they cancel your booking after an hour if the person who has the equipment before you returns it late, surely once it IS returned it should be yours for the rest of your allotted time? I cant work the logic there at all -if I have a camera booked for 48 hours and a student returns it an hour late I would still get 47 to film but the current system means someone could make a last minute booking and get the camera over me…


I forgot to mention that we have an official blog here. The idea is for anyone on duty to add to it during the day. Some good pictures of the launch up already and it’s also a hell of a lot easier to update than our main website!


Last nights launch went off well with great music  and MCing from the Adamsdown Youth Hub and Cardiff band Boris. You can see bits and pieces on the site and more will be added shortly.

A last minute realisation made us pull down a short film about the Clifton Street one-way system. Although we had included a balanced view of the story in the text we had left balance out of the film. On watching it again we decided it wasn’t a fair piece and it would be terrible journalism to allow it to stay up there (sorry to any council members who have already seen it). It was a good example though of the real decisions and checks that journalists should constantly be making on their work and in the long run it was probably a good exercise from which we learnt a lot.

After speaking with the council again (it should be said that I have spoken to them about this on a number of occasions and they have been very helpful) and armed with an official statement we set out to try and record fresh material and have the piece ready for 7pm launch: that was when the rain started. After trying to juggle doing a piece to camera, holding up cue cards and keeping the camera dry while soaking wet, we gave it up as a bad job and will have to do it again meaning our story which was the lead was decidedly duller.

On the plus side we have made it to the pages of BBC’s South East Wales section. I’m particularly pleased as apart from a few minor changes they have just used my press release almost word for word. Does this mean I can claim to have had a story published on the BBC?

We are now live at  – blog here. Also set up You Tube etc etc and will link to that later.

Filmed at Adamsdown Primary today with Jon Blake; the first session for the song for Adamsdown. Kids were great and genuinely seem interested in the area which is more than I was when I was that age.

I have posted most of these photos to Flickr – here.


The press release I wrote has now been posted on The Sprout which is all good.

The Sprout is a great opportunity for people under 25 to get some experience writing for publication whilst having the freedom to be as creative as they wish. Go and see.


Came across this on a wall near St German’s Church. Had to smile…

Tonight, after a tip off, we attended the emergency meeting for Adamsdown residents concerning the new one way system in Clifton Street and did some filming.

Those who thought we were there on behalf of the council opened up when they realised we weren’t; those who thought we were from the BBC were less interested when they found out we were students. It is obviously an issue people feel very passionately about and we were able to organise a few interviews. Although as a reporter you are supposed to remain objective (to a point), hearing about the traders who have lost money, some of whom have not taken a wage since before Christmas, it is hard not to take sides.

If by a miracle any residents read this and want to comment please get in touch.

On a different note the project now has its own Twitter account -hopfully everyone will use it – I like the idea of using it to live blog the launch night (March 3rd, 7pm ATRiuM).

PRESS RELEASE    24 February 2009 is out there!


An exciting new community website for people living in Adamsdown, Cardiff is being launched by Glamorgan University students based at the ATRiuM. will feature daily news, documentaries and dramas throughout March 2009. It will also provide a space for local people to showcase their talents and have their say on what’s happening in the area.


The community will be encouraged to submit anything they like to the website and to work in partnership with students, taking advantage of the ATRiuM’s state of the art facilities to produce radio broadcasts and short films.


Diana Brand, Head of Division for Broadcasting and Journalism at the
Atrium, said: “This project is an exciting opportunity for our students
to get to know the area really well whilst providing a service to the


“We hope that lots of people who live in Adamsdown will
contact us with pictures and stories about themselves and the things
that are going on around them.”


The team, a combination of radio and journalism students, are already working closely with the Adamsdown Communities First Project and Adamsdown Primary School. They are hoping to build lasting relationships between the university and the local community.


While the project will be initially run throughout March, it is hoped to be passed on to new students each year.


Bethan Gamble, community development worker for the Adamsdown Communities First Project said: “We are very excited about this new project and partnership with the Atrium and its students.


“We hope the website will be a great resource for the community and are looking forward to being involved.”


Amongst the material already produced includes Adamsdown at War, a WW2 drama based on the log books of Metal Street School; a short film about Adamsdown’s new sensory room and news coverage of the Save the Vulcan campaign.


Notes to Editors


Photo opportunity: Tuesday 3 March at 7pm – launch night at The ATRiuM, Adam Street, Cardiff. You are invited to send a reporter to the launch. Members of the team are also available for media interviews about the website.


The ATRiuM is the home of the Cardiff School of Creative Industries and is part of the University of Glamorgan.


The ATRiuM boasts states-of-the-art facilities for audio and video production and editing, graphic design, studio recording and more.



Contact: Chris Latham


Tel – 01443 668557

Email –



While chatting to the Communities First team, it was suggested to try and get Beatbox Fozzy to come and perform/speak at one of the Youth Hub sessions run at St German’s church hall, where kids get to DJ and beat-box etc.

I was lucky enough to see him live while doing some work for The Sprout and he is excellent – sort of like a young Welsh Michael Winslow – sort of… (Police Academy 8?? :s)

I couldn’t find anything very recent but check him out on Radio 1: