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I said I wouldn’t post again but the rough cut of the Song for Adamsdown is now ready and put to a quick slide-show. I’m busy trying to pull off all the video I have recorded for the project and there is more work to do but for now here is the Song for Adamsdown.


You can also visit the blog here.

Well it is the last day of the project tomorrow. Learnt a lot, laughed a lot, got angry quite a bit but enjoyed it. Wish we could start it again with the knowledge we have now but I guess that’s always the way. I wont blog here anymore as I intend to start other blogging projects and am now onto the writing up process anyway.

There are various people we will thank at various points but purely in terms of this blog thanks to Charlie Beckett for having a quick look and commenting – a reminder that people do look at this stuff! Thanks to the 57 people who somehow ended up looking at the picture of the The Chief and the 25 people who had a look at my emails to African con-men.

The Song For Adamsdown Project has its own blog now – here – well worth following to see how the project develops.

And finally thanks to everyone who ventured here albeit, in all likely hood, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, if we are being honest, by mistake. Thanks.

We now have our own YouTube channel.



Anyone wandering around the perimeter of Cardiff CRI might encounter Kaiser. So called because he is ‘The Chief’, he keeps a watch-full eye on the area from on top of his favourite picnic bench (weather permitting).

One of the most difficult things I have found during this course is the ‘vox pop’. The act of approaching a random stranger on the street and asking them their opinion on a given topic, bad enough when you are making notes on a piece of paper and ten times worse when you want to poke a camera in their face.

I think the main reason I dislike this, apart from being incredibly shy in some respects, is the fact I hate being stopped in the street myself. Charity workers, Big Issue sellers, No Win No Fee vultures and journalists; I avoid them all when I can.

Today we were trying to get peoples opinions about the new plans for the Cardiff Royal Infirmary and luckily I was helping out Jo who doesn’t suffer from crippling embarrassment when approaching total strangers. She was filming while I was supposed to be asking the questions and to be fair I did have a go at accosting people outside the CRI front entrance but to no avail. Sunday was probably not the best time as it was very quiet.

We did speak to some residents who are all for the changes and the rejuvenation they will bring and a couple of the staff who, although they couldn’t show us around or speak on record, told us about the rich history of the building and the many ghosts that stalk the corridors.

I got nice photos of various things which I will put up soon.

Apparently the most searched topic that has led people to this blog is ‘Clifton Street 1 Way’ so in the interest of getting traffic to this site I will be mentioning Clifton Street 1 Way as much as is Clifton Street 1 Wayingly possible. Clifton Street 1 Way. I would love at this point to link to the Clifton Street story on but it is temporarily down while we sort out a few technical issues…

I do have good reason to talk about the Clifton Street one-way system though as I got chatting to a cameraman from The Ferret last night at a fund raising evening of poetry, literature and music at the Vulcan. Adamsdown seems set to feature quite a bit on the TV in the next few weeks as The Ferret are to cover both the Clifton Street 1 way system story and the campaign to save the Vulcan, and I think the Vulcan story is being picked up by various other ITV current affairs programs which is all well and good.


sdc10523It was great to chat to ITV but their presence meant that what little room was available in the tiny back room of the Vulcan to watch the event was limited and I was forced to watch over peoples shoulders from the corridor. It didn’t bode well for the slide show I was supposedly trying to take enough photos to make, as I got about two: one of the performance by Heather Jones and one of Des Barry, who I have never heard of before but is a really nice bloke and from the little I managed to hear of him reading his work is a great writer too.





Hopefully a bit of Photoshpping will give me something usable, although it wasn’t until I uploaded the photos from my camera for this post I realised how bad they were! (Nothing I can do will make this bit of text move up…..)


Couldn’t even escape Clifton Street in work today, as I updated the info we have on the Lewis Trust charity. Part of my exciting job involves arranging for the council to collect large house hold items that people can’t dispose of themselves. We often refer them on to the Lewis Trust on Clifton Street who, for the last year at least, we have incorrectly been telling people sell second hand furniture to raise money for the PDSA. After visiting the Lewis Trust and interviewing its owner Carol Stamp in relation to the Clifton Street one-way system I discovered this isn’t the case.

The Lewis Trust is the first charity shop I have seen that appears to be totally independent and not only that, a vital part of the community. I won’t write too much about it here as we may do a feature on it at some point but it is a very worthwhile cause supporting communities in a number of ways: obviously giving money to those in need both here and abroad, and supplying furniture at a reasonable price to those who need it (not to mention saving countless items from going into landfill and thus the environment).

You can find them here: 13a, Clifton St, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF24 1PX
Tel:  029 2049 4331

Well the first week is over now.

I have pulled an apology I made from the ‘official’ blog about the plural of eisteddfod in response to a post on the guest book and various spelling mistakes (not least by me). Quite rightly I think in retrospect, we are an emerging student website and just getting used to the challenges of being ‘live’. We need the freedom (to a point) to make these mistakes and being live means we will have to address them in real time, not when we eventually get them back months after they have been marked.

Read posts from today here. It didn’t go brilliantly and I can’t stop thinking about things that need to be changed ASAP BUT I have to pick up a camera and interview someone in the morning first thing and ideally need to film more of Clifton Street so starting to panic.

Of course I am going by the notion that the camera will actually be returned on time – I booked two just in case, one for this afternoon which wasn’t returned and one for the morning which probably won’t be returned. There were almost tears today in the Media Loans room – not mine – about the camera situation.

It is ridiculous that the late fee for a fire wire of which there are loads is the same as a video camera of which there aren’t. We have a £12 fine to pay in theory for returning a fire wire late, even though it was over the weekend and Media Loans Dept was closed and no one could have taken it out anyway. I know this is our fault but when you factor in day after day of turning up for booked cameras and not getting them it is incredibly annoying. 

Also, why do they cancel your booking after an hour if the person who has the equipment before you returns it late, surely once it IS returned it should be yours for the rest of your allotted time? I cant work the logic there at all -if I have a camera booked for 48 hours and a student returns it an hour late I would still get 47 to film but the current system means someone could make a last minute booking and get the camera over me…