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I said I wouldn’t post again but the rough cut of the Song for Adamsdown is now ready and put to a quick slide-show. I’m busy trying to pull off all the video I have recorded for the project and there is more work to do but for now here is the Song for Adamsdown.


You can also visit the blog here.

Today we were lucky enough to have local author and long time Adamsdown resident Jon Blake come into the ATRiuM to speak to us. Jon has some great local knowledge and contacts, and plenty of experience running past community projects so his help and advice will be invaluable.

You can find out more about Jon here.


On a different note I have joined the likes of Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross and signed up to Twitter to see if it could have any uses for this particular project. For those who don’t know what Twitter is, it basically lets you post text message length bits of info (Tweets) to the net which can then be followed by other Twitterers. It might sound completely pointless and probably is, although over 100,000 people logged on to follow Stephen Fry’s escapades while trapped in a lift.


Photo - Stephen Fry/Twitter

Personally, I’m yet to get excited, but with big names in the world of interactive journalism such as Charlie Beckett and Jeff Jarvis Twittering away, it is something I will keep my eye on.